Tesla’s Camouflaged Cybertruck Ignites Speculation

A new sighting of 's much-anticipated Cybertruck prototype in is causing a stir. Notably, the electric truck was seen donning camouflage, marking a first for the automaker. It left people wondering as to what Tesla is up to with this latest vehicle.

The prototype vehicle was not alone; it was spotted navigating a local drive-through at In-N-Out Burger. The camouflage vehicle stood out even as it tried to blend in, which is quite an unusual approach for Tesla. The company is known for revealing prototypes that are already fairly close to their production versions, bypassing the usual industry practice of camouflaging pre-production models.

The camouflage-clad has been touring the Bay Area in recent days, inciting both surprise and speculation. This atypical move has triggered rumours that the company might be testing a production-ready version of the truck. Alternatively, the automaker could be evaluating a potential factory wrap for the vehicle.

Photographs of the disguised Cybertruck in Palo Alto have emerged on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum. Traditionally, the company opts for test mules over camouflage wraps for its prototypes. In fact, seeing a new Tesla prototype in camouflage is an extraordinary event.

However, the camouflaged Cybertruck, featuring what seems to be a desert camo wrap, has certainly turned heads. Despite numerous sightings of an undisguised version, the rationale behind this camouflage remains unclear.

Upon examination of the photographs, nothing except the camouflage wrap appears to have changed on this particular prototype, even with 's comment on the pictures, “Good thing we used camo lol.”

While offering factory wraps might sense for the paintless Cybertruck, Tesla has given no indication of this. Yet, with the company previously initiating in-house vehicle wrapping at its service centers in in 2020, it's plausible.

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