Tesla Model 3 Performance: Electric Roar Unleashed

Car enthusiasts who feel that electric vehicles lack the thrilling sound that an internal combustion engine produces have often criticized them. They argue that cars, such as the Tesla Model 3 Performance, are devoid of the ‘soul' that comes from the roar of an inline six or V8 engine. Responding to this challenge, a owner named Geoff recently showcased his solution to this perceived problem.

Geoff shared photographs and a short clip on his Twitter account displaying his modifications to his Tesla Performance. While his main goal seems to have been to reduce the vehicle's weight for track use, his mods also significantly amplified the vehicle's sound.

The ‘upgrade' involves the removal of all sound deadening material, producing a video that Geoff has shared with his followers, giving them a taste of the spaceship-like sound of a Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Geoff expressed his satisfaction with the modifications, stating, “Legitimately wish I'd done this sooner. Super easy and can't wait to hear how it sounds now!” However, he acknowledges one minor issue, “This really isn't bad at all. Not stoked for the one-time use clip in the seat bolster but whatever.”

Despite these modifications potentially impacting the car's practicality, the enhanced auditory experience might well up for it. This perspective gives the Tesla Model 3 Performance a raw, thrilling edge, challenging the stereotype of electric vehicles as silent, soulless machines. It indeed sounds intriguing, but whether this is a worthy trade-off is a topic for further debate.

The modifications have generated considerable interest, and it will be fascinating to see the wider public reaction. Personally, I think his M3P sounds amazing!

Now, we turn the discussion over to you: Do you think these modifications enhance the Tesla experience or detract from it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photos courtesy of Geoff.

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Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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