Tesla Breaks New Ground with 2023.20 Software Update

Tesla continues to redefine its user experience, with its latest software update, version 2023.20.4.1, which is currently making its way to the public, with a reported 2% adoption rate. This update, though seemingly minor, brings an array of enhancements designed to elevate the brand’s signature driving experience.

The 2023.20 update, among other upgrades, introduces an unprecedented feature – the ability for drivers to preview all nine cameras of the vehicle. Earlier this year, Tesla had allowed in-car previews of the cabin camera through its 2023.2 software update.

The latest update extends this feature to the three front-facing cameras and additional cameras scattered around the vehicle. To view these feeds, users can navigate to Controls > Service and select the camera preview option.

A menu atop the camera feed then allows switching between the nine different cameras.

  • Three front-facing cameras (main, telephoto, and wide)
  • Two “repeater” cameras on the fenders
  • Two forward-facing side cameras on the B-pillars
  • One rear-view camera
  • One cabin camera

Interestingly, Tesla’s update brings a significant change to the Current Trip odometer as well. An earlier change to Tesla’s OS had the odometer displaying distance, kilowatt-hours (kWh), and Wh/mi, similar to other trip odometers. This update, however, substitutes the kWh display with the trip duration in minutes, giving drivers a tangible gauge of how long they’ve been driving.

Tesla’s commitment to continuous innovation is also apparent in the advanced service mode menus introduced in the new update. These new menus provide access to HVAC details, seat belt information, and more. However, Tesla urges its users to proceed with caution when using the Service Mode, especially while driving, as it deactivates crucial safety features like traction control.

The 2023.20 update also brings to the table a variety of additional features such as a tire service counter, tire and wheel configuration, and expanded language support for the larger text size option. In China, the update introduces an expanded dictionary for the Pinyin keyboard.

This suite of enhancements underpins Tesla’s relentless pursuit of driving and user convenience, continually setting higher standards for the electric vehicle industry.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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