Shocking Rise in Tesla’s Autopilot Crashes Unveiled

In a shocking revelation, a recent analysis has unveiled a series of accidents involving Tesla vehicles using Autopilot mode, bringing to light potential safety concerns. According to The Washington Post, their scrutiny of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data exposed 736 instances of Tesla crashes since 2019 in the US, a significant increase from previously known figures.

Alarmingly, this escalating trend in accidents hasn’t been without deadly consequences. The report indicates that 17 fatalities have occurred as a result of these crashes. This trend seems to mirror the increased accessibility and use of Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” technology.

Veronica Morales, a spokeswoman for NHTSA, clarified to The Washington Post that the presence of driver-assistance technology in a reported accident doesn’t automatically suggest it was the causative factor. She stated, “NHTSA has an active investigation into Tesla Autopilot, including Full-Self Driving,” but refrained from commenting further due to the investigation being ongoing. She added that the “NHTSA reminds the public that all advanced driver assistance systems require the human driver to be in control and fully engaged in the driving task at all times. Accordingly, all state laws hold the human driver responsible for the operation of their vehicles.”

Missy Cummings, the head of George Mason University’s Mason Autonomy and Robotics Center, hypothesizes that the heightened accident rate may indeed stem from the expanded utilization of Tesla’s self-driving technology. The cars are currently being beta-tested on urban streets, potentially contributing to the rise in mishaps.

Safety pundits recently voiced their apprehensions to Insider about Tesla’s autonomous system, costing users a steep $15,000. They assert that the technology is not living up to Tesla’s bold claims of producing vehicles that are entirely self-reliant, citing a propensity for errors in the technology’s functioning.

While Tesla hasn’t responded immediately to Insider’s comment request, it’s worth noting the automaker’s previous stance on its Autopilot feature. The company has always emphasized that despite the automation, human drivers are still required to be vigilant and maintain control over their vehicles at all times. As such, this report underscores the need for drivers to heed this warning and stay engaged when using Tesla’s driver-assistance technology.

Starting from October 2018, Tesla started to disclose its safety data every quarter. This initiative was taken with the objective of offering the public crucial information about the safety of Tesla vehicles

Haye Kesteloo
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