Unveiling the Potential of a Stripped-Down Tesla Model 3 Performance

In the world of Tesla enthusiasts, the desire to maximize the speed and performance of these cutting-edge electric vehicles is a common quest. Enter Chris, a Tesla owner who embarked on an extraordinary experiment to push the boundaries of his Model 3 Performance beyond what most people would find safe or reasonable.

His mission: to determine just how much faster he could make his Tesla by stripping it down to its bare essentials.

Today, we dive into the exhilarating journey that unfolded as Chris unveiled the hidden potential of his modified Model 3.

Watch the Stripped-Down Tesla Model 3 Performance

Chris approached the challenge systematically, meticulously removing various components from his Model 3 without compromising its performance. Doors, trunk, and detachable parts were all discarded, revealing the car’s skeletal frame.

Encouraged by the initial results, Chris went further, unbolting every removable element until his Tesla stood as a testament to minimalism, light-weight and hopefully, speed.

Throughout the process, Chris shared insights into the inner workings of the Model 3 Performance. From camera mounts to infrared modules, he uncovered some of the intricacies of Tesla’s advanced Vision system.

With a custom-made blade and an oscillating tool, Chris carefully dismantled the car’s glass panels in an effort to minimize any damage. Chris’s harvested the car’s rear quarter panels for future use. Rather than discarding them, he repurposed these components.

The result of Chris’s efforts was nothing short of extraordinary. His stripped-down Model 3 Performance became an attention-grabbing convertible. Chris compared the driving experience to that of a motorcycle.

To get the car street-legal enough’, Chris reattached essential features such as tail lights, brake lights, and rear turn signals.

With the modifications complete, it was time for the ultimate test—the highly anticipated acceleration trial.

Accelerating from 0 to 60 mph, Chris’s modified Model 3 Performance defied all expectations, clocking in at an astonishing 2.8 seconds. A whole second faster than the car had performed before all the modifications.

Note: Tesla advertises a zero to sixty time of 3.1 seconds for the Model 3 Performance in perfect conditions.

This impressive improvement surpassed the stock performance model and even rivaled the acceleration of the Tesla Plaid. Chris’ lightweight, stripped-down electric vehicle had unlocked the true speed of the Model 3 Performance.

Chris’s experiment shows us the how much weight plays a part in a car’s performance. Of course his project pushed the boundaries as his stripped-down Tesla Model 3 Performance is neither safe, nor practical for day-to-day driving. But is sure was a fun video to watch.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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