DeLorean teases Back to the Future inspired electric vehicle

The DeLorean Motor Company seems to be planning a comeback, this time as an electric vehicle manufacturer.

This week, Motor Company, best known for the role of its iconic but disappointing vehicle in the 1985 film ‘Back to the Future,' tweeted a 15-second teaser suggesting a comeback with an electric vehicle.

“The Future was never promised. Reimagine today,” the company said on Twitter.

The is only a few seconds long and shows the silhouette of a vehicle with the DeLorean's characteristic gull-wing doors.

The carmaker announced the “DeLorean's premiere in 2022.”

The hashtags that went along with the tweet suggest that DeLorean will launch an electric vehicle.

On its website, the DeLorean Motor Company offers very little information about the new car. However, anybody who's interested can submit their name and email address.

The carmaker is reported to be planning to set up its global headquarters at Port San Antonio in .

“In an increasingly competitive electric vehicle market, San Antonio is ready to lead,” San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said in a statement. “By planning to establish their global headquarters in San Antonio, DeLorean is validating the talent, strategic preparation, and adaptability our region provides for EV manufacturers to thrive.”

Delorean Teases Back To The Future Inspired Electric Vehicle
The DeLorean was reimagined by Angel Guerra.

The carmaker's arrival in San Antonio was “contingent on final approvals of various incentive packages,” DeLorean said, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

The company said it will create 450 full-time jobs as part of the relaunch.

A spokesperson for DeLorean did not disclose any specifics about the electric car. The carmaker currently offers services and support for remaining DeLoreans on the road.

The DMC-12, however, enjoyed a major boost in popularity when it was featured as the vehicle from which Doc Brown travels to 2015 in the hit Back To The Future trilogy.

Despite its “Back To The Future” roots, only 9,000 DeLoreans were ever produced. In 1982, the original company went bankrupt after struggling for years.

Delorean announcement

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