FSD is not ready: Tesla Model 3 rolls through red light on right turn, hits pylon, and attempts to enter tram-lane

If you're wondering why two senators demand answers from Tesla about issues with the feature on its vehicles, just watch the below that shows a Tesla Model 3 roll through a red light on a right turn, hitting a pylon, and driving into a tram lane.

In this video that was posted on Youtube, you see a showcasing its inability to drive itself safely with the latest version of its Full Self-Driving system that is still in Beta.

In a number of situations, the electric vehicle shows the capabilities of the FSD system really well as it navigates some tricky situations masterfully. However, the same video also shows a number of concerning actions, where it becomes clear that the FSD is not ready for prime time.

The questions, asked by two senators seem valid as it is hard not to look at this video and see Tesla using the public roads as a test track.

In today's video we head into Downtown San Jose to test Tesla's newest software releases: Full Beta 10.10 version 2021.44.30.15, Ai Addict said.

FSD is not ready for prime time

Early on in the video you can see the Tesla Model 3 completely ignoring a red light as it makes a right turn. It seems that while Tesla may have removed the car's assertive driving feature where it will roll through an intersection with stop signs when no pedestrians or other vehicles are present, apparently FSD still allows the car to roll through a red light right-hand turn without coming to a full stop first.

Later on, in the short video, the driver who is actively involved in watching the car's actions, cannot intervene in time to prevent the Tesla Model 3 from hitting the pylon that protects the bike path. Luckily the crash is minor, leaving the barrier slightly bend and the car with a few scratches on its bumper.

Lastly, the Tesla Model 3 mistakenly tries to enter a dedicated tram lane.

Eventhough the car navigates many tricky situations perfectly, this video also makes clear that the FSD system is confused at times and makes the wrong decision.

Tesla has selected a small group of drivers to test out the latest version of its Ful Self-Driving system, which is still in Beta.

This video may showcase the first Tesla FSD accident that has been captured on camera.

YouTube video

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below on Tesla's Full Self-Driving system. It seems that FSD is not ready. Do you think that it's ready for prime time or is it turning our public roads into a Tesla test track with potentially deadly consequences for other road users?

Photos and video courtesy of IA Addict.

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