Tesla adds Charge Stats feature in mobile app update – Version 4.5.1

With the version 4.5.1 update of the , added the Charge Stats feature to help Tesla drivers estimate their charging costs and savings compared to the costs of gas.

Interestingly, this latest Tesla Mobile App update was not an automatic update. I had to go to the app store to trigger the update.

In the version history, Tesla mentioned that:

Tesla Insurance policy holders can add their insurance card to Apple wallet.

Tesla quietly adds Charge Stats to Mobile App

Not a word on the new Tesla Charge Stats feature, that the carmaker added to the app. Strange.

In the app, you'll now see Charge Stats mentioned in between Security and Upgrades.

The new feature shows you your charging history over the last 31 days, a breakdown of home charging versus Supercharging, other charging, your total estimated amount spent on charging, as well as your gas savings.

In my case, the app shows me that I charged 242 kWh at a cost of $52, which includes $12 of Supercharging.

The app estimates my gas savings to be around $51. This number is obviously dependent on gas prices and what my costs of electricity are here in the state of when I charge my Tesla Model 3.

To help you these numbers as accurate as possible, you can click on Settings at the bottom of the screen to enter your state and select your utility provider.

The app estimates my at-home charging costs to be $0.19 per kWh and my Supercharging costs to be around $0.36 kWh.

With The Version 4.5.1 Update Of The Mobile App, Tesla Added The Charge Stats Feature To Help Tesla Drivers Estimate Their Charging Costs And Savings Compared To The Costs Of Gas.

You can download the Tesla Mobile App here for iOS and Android.

For app support, you can visit the Tesla website.

Tesla Adds Charge Stats Feature In Mobile App Update - Version 4.5.1

What do you think about the new Charge Stats in the Tesla Mobile App? Let us know in the comments below.

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