New Tesla Cybertruck video and photos leaked

Over the weekend, new Tesla Cybertruck and photos were leaked, showing some changes compared to the original design. It is exciting to see that the carmaker is trying to stay as true as possible to the all-electric truck it unveiled a few years ago. Let's take a closer look.

A couple of things are immediately obvious when looking at the leaked photo shown above. The Telsa has side-view mirrors to comply with safety regulations as cameras are not yet allowed.

The original design of the Cybertruck featured cameras instead of side-view mirrors, The elimination of the mirrors added to the futuristic design of the vehicle as well as improved the aerodynamics.

We also see a massive single windshield wiper on the all-electric truck. Instead of mounting the wiper horizontally across the bottom of the windshield as is common, chose to install it vertically along the driverside a-pillar, arguably to improve the aerodynamics.

New Tesla Cybertruck Photos And Video Leaked

The second photo shown above provides us with a clearer view of the new all-electric Tesla Cybertruck.

This photo shows us the wheels. The rims are very similar to the ones we know from the Tesla . The pattern on the tire's sidewall, which seems to be similar to the original, might be an indication that the Cybertruck will feature wheel covers.

New Tesla Cybertruck Photos And Video Leaked

This photo shows both the original launch vehicle as well as the newly leaked photo of the Tesla Cybertruck. Overall the design of the Cybertruck has stayed very true to the original. This may be a good or bad thing depending on your taste.

The leaked photo shows that the design of the Cybertruck has been refined and made more realistic, i.e. closer to the vehicle we might actually see driving on public roads.

The front facia of the all-electric truck seems less sharp and angular, making it more pedestrian-friendly.

Upon, looking closer to the vehicle, you'll notice that the door handles have been completely removed. Upon approaching the vehicle, it would recognize the owner, and the doors will unlock and open similarly to the Tesla . The original Cybertruck had retreating doorhandles a la the Tesla .

It is worth noting that photos can be deceiving based on light, lens, and perspective used, however, without people around the vehicle, the truck seems somehow small.

The leaked photos of the Tesla Cybertruck were first leaked on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum and there accompanied by a video.

The video that showed the Cybertruck has since been removed from Youtube, but not before we were able to a copy. You can see that version below.

Tesla Cybertruck video

YouTube video

Let us know what you think about these leaked photos and video of the eagerly-awaited Tesla Cybertruck in the comments below.

Photos and video courtesy of the Cybertruck Owners Club.

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