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US Regulators Scrutinize Ford’s Mach-E Recall

The U.S. auto safety watchdog is delving deeper into the recent recall of Ford’s electric vehicle, the Mustang Mach-E. The key concern? Whether Ford’s recall sufficiently tackled the issues at hand. In June 2022, Ford pulled back nearly 49,000 of…

Tesla Under Fire For Exaggerated Ev Ranges - Environmental Protection Agency - Model 3

Tesla Under Fire for Exaggerated EV Ranges

Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, is under scrutiny, with accusations of inflating the driving range figures displayed on their dashboard, as reported by Reuters. This claim could shake the trust of EV drivers who rely heavily on accurate range…

Ford Supercharges Ev Ambition With $9.2Bn Loan

Ford Supercharges EV Ambition with $9.2Bn Loan

In a move that set Ford Motor’s stock on the upswing, the U.S. government recently committed billions to aid the Detroit-based car manufacturer in its shift to electric vehicles. The U.S. Energy Department revealed a conditional loan of $9.2 billion…