Tesla Turmoil: Florida'S Flaming Flood Fiasco

Tesla Turmoil: Florida’s Flaming Flood Fiasco

Hurricane Idalia rampaged through Florida recently. Amidst the usual wreckage—crumbled homes and waterlogged streets—a bizarre trend has popped up. Some Teslas, after a good soak in Idalia’s salty floodwaters, are spontaneously combusting. “Saltwater and lithium-ion batteries? Bad news,” warns the…

Tesla'S Triumph In Florida'S Direct-Sale Ban

Tesla’s Triumph in Florida’s Direct-Sale Ban

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently enacted legislation that further reinforces the prohibition on direct-to-consumer car sales. However, a distinct exception has been made for Tesla. The law, known as HB 637, restricts any automaker that has ever operated through a…