Uber Charges Up at Carrefour: EV Revolution in Parking Lots

Uber and Carrefour Énergies Forge Alliance for EV Charging Access

Uber and Carrefour have joined forces in a strategic partnership that promises to enhance the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for Uber drivers.

Announced on Tuesday, this collaboration will reportedly see the ride-hailing giant’s drivers gaining access to the extensive network of charging points provided by Carrefour Énergies, the energy arm of the renowned French supermarket chain.

Investment in Sustainable Mobility

Uber is investing 300,000 euros ($323,400) to facilitate its VTC (tourist vehicle with driver) drivers who use electric vehicles to charge at Carrefour Énergies’ stations across France.

This move signifies a significant step in supporting the transition to more sustainable modes of transportation among its drivers.

Exclusive Benefits for Uber Drivers

Starting January 1, VTC drivers utilizing Uber’s app will benefit from preferential rates at Carrefour’s charging network. This initiative reflects both companies’ commitment to advancing environmentally friendly solutions and making EV charging more accessible and affordable for drivers.

The partnership is not only a leap forward for Uber and Carrefour Énergies but also a milestone in promoting electric mobility in the transportation sector.

Source: Reuters

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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