Texas Greenlights Tesla Tech for EV Chargers Amid Controversy

In a groundbreaking decision, Texas has given the nod to a plan that mandates electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to incorporate Tesla’s technology. This move comes despite concerns from various sectors.

The Lone Star State, set to receive a significant chunk of a $5 billion program aimed at electrifying US highways, has been in the spotlight for this choice. The end goal? To make Tesla’s tech the primary charging standard in the US.

Although federal guidelines insist that companies provide the Combined Charging System (CCS) to be eligible for funding, states have the liberty to layer on additional stipulations.

Adding to the drama, Ford and General Motors sent ripples through the industry just a couple of months back when they declared their intention to hop on the Tesla North American Charging Standard (NACS) bandwagon.

Following this, more automakers and charging outfits jumped on board. As per a June report by Reuters, Texas was set on the path of mandating Tesla’s technology in charging stations. And they’re not alone – Washington and Kentucky have similar inclinations.

However, this hasn’t been a smooth ride. Several charging firms expressed their reservations, reaching out to the Texas Transportation Commission.

Their main gripe? The potential risk this posed to the successful rollout of EV chargers, mainly due to supply chain and certification issues related to Tesla’s connectors. These concerns led Texas to twice push back a decision on the proposal.

But the recent unanimous vote changes everything.

Humberto Gonzalez, a leading figure at Texas’ transportation department, succinctly summed up the sentiment behind the approval: “The two-connector approach being proposed will help assure coverage of a minimum of 97% of the current, over 168,000 electric vehicles with fast charge ports in the state.”

As Texas goes, so might the nation. The impact of this decision will likely resonate far beyond its borders, potentially setting the stage for a nation-wide charging standard. Only time will tell.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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